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3 Foolproof Ways to Keep Your Spray Foam Roof in Excellent Condition

If you have chosen a spray foam roofing for your flat roof on your business, you have made an excellent choice. Although spray foam isn’t limited to the shape, size, or style of the roof, it’s more common for flat roofs than any other kind. Phoenix spray foam roofs are some of the most easily cared for roofs in the Valley, but if they aren’t properly maintained and kept in good condition, your investment could quickly go to waste. If you catch little things before they become big things, you could save yourself from the potential for an expensive disaster, and that’s the last thing anyone needs.

3 Foolproof ways to keep your spray foam roof in excellent condition in Phoenix, AZ

Clean Regularly

Although Arizona isn’t as lush as other parts of the country, we still have our fair share of debris that can pile up on our roofs. Leaves and twigs from surrounding trees and bushes can land on your roof and can quickly start to degrade your spray foam roof, even without a large amount of vegetation surrounding your property.

What Arizona does have a wealth of, however, is rocks. Even the smallest of rocks can create small abrasions in your spray foam roof and enough of these abrasions can make it ineffective against rain and other inclimate weather.

Garbage is also a frequent culprit of piling debris on top of your commercial building. Trash of all kinds can land up there or be left up there by various professionals working on your property. Be careful of any sharp debris as well, as they could puncture your roof and give you costly repairs to take care of that you aren’t prepared to deal with. So clean your roof regularly to avoid potential disasters from stuff that is easily and quickly removed.

Perform Visual Checks

Your roof doesn’t always need a deep cleaning to keep it from being compromised. If you have a spray foam roof installation in Phoenix, doing a visual check of it can go a long way. Whether it’s sloped or flat, you should do a walk around and inspect it for changes. If the color or texture of your spray foam roof has changed, it might indicate that there is a larger internal problem in your roof. Discoloring is never a good sign, as your roof should be the same color across all portions of the roof. It’s texture should also resemble that of an orange, so keep a sharp eye out for these telling factors. You should also look for cracks, holes, or blisters in the surface of your spray foam roof. Should you find anything wrong at all with your roof, you should always consult a professional spray foam roofer for a Phoenix spray foam roof repair to help ensure that it remains in the best shape possible or for help repairing the damage that has been done.

Choose a Quality Roof Coating

No matter what you do when you have a spray foam roof, nothing can change the fact that if you choose a less than adequate coating, it won’t last as long as it should. A large variety of foam roofs require either an acrylic or silicone coating to keep them protected against the elements, especially during the changing of seasons. So you should consult with your local spray foam roofer in Phoenix to figure out which kind of coating will best protect your commercial roof. Without the coating, your spray foam roof will do little to protect your commercial property against the wind, rain, and other inclimate weather that could be harmful to your roof. This is just one of many ways in which you can better protect your roof and keep it in excellent condition so it can last as long as possible.

Although you can take care of a few of these maintenance issues like the visual inspection or even the removal of debris and rocks, you can’t do everything on your own. For help with your commercial spray foam roof and ways to keep it lasting as long as possible, contact the Phoenix spray foam roofers at 1st Class Foam. Our roofing contractors can provide you with the highest quality roof coatings and spray foam roofs in Phoenix for your commercial property. For more information, contact 1st Class Foam today!

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