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4 Considerations to Make When Deciding on a Spray Foam Roof

A spray foam roof can be a great investment for your property. With the right application and maintenance, a spray foam roof can last a lifetime or longer. Relatively little maintenance is required, especially when compared to other roofing types, but you do need to keep it sealed and cleaned to maximize its life span.

Though there are many great benefits to spray foam roofs, you do need to be sure that this type of roofing is right for your property before you commit. Here are four considerations you should make when deciding whether a spray foam roof in Phoenix is right for you:

4 considerations to make when deciding on a spray foam roof

Building Style

Your building style is an important consideration to the type of roof you choose. A roof can be much more than a functional element. With the right selection of material, color, shape, and more, your roof can be an important design element that brings together the whole look of the property.

Typically, spray foam roofs are flat and white. They are well-suited to commercial buildings and to homes that have a flat roof. However, they would not be suited to, say, a Mediterranean-style home with a steeply pitched roof. You must think through how the roof will look on your property and blend in with the other design elements.

Property Size

Urethane foam roofing cannot be applied to all properties. If you have a large property with a pitched roof, a foam roof is likely not going to be the right choice. However, if you have a large commercial property with a flat roof, then a spray foam roof would likely be ideal.

You should talk with a foam roofing specialist in Phoenix to review the more technical details of your property and determine what benefits a foam roof would have.


Phoenix has a hot and unforgiving climate, as does much of the rest of Arizona. You need a roof that can stand up to the intense heat without suffering damage, as well as a roof that can withstand the strong monsoons that blow through every year. Shingles can break down under the heat and be blown off during the monsoons. Tile is also susceptible to breaking or to being torn off during the storms.

Flat roofs are UV-resistant, and they are waterproof. They won’t break down under the sun, and they can resist water damage and breaking from tree branches being dropped during a storm. They are ideal for the local Phoenix climate.

Other Roof Uses

Most people don’t think about their roof unless it has a problem. But some people use their roof for certain things. For example, you might need to mount your air conditioning unit on your roof. Or you might have a clothes line or a bird house on your roof. You need to think through how you would use your roof to know whether a spray foam roof in Phoenix would be right for you.

Talk to your roofer to get information about how your hobbies or equipment will interact with different roofing choices to understand what the pros and cons will be, as well as the maintenance.

Urethane foam roofing can protect your roof and lower your maintenance considerably. A spray foam roof can lower your energy costs, and it can last for generations. Talk to a foam roofer in Phoenix to learn more about the benefits of this roofing type and whether it will work for your property. Investing in spray foam roofing can reap dividends for years and years to come.

First Class Foam Roofing and Coating offers commercial and residential foam roofing services in the Phoenix area. We specialize in urethane foam roofs, foam insulation, roof recoats, concrete coating, polyurea lining, waterproofing, and walk decks. We can install a new foam roof on your property, or we can refresh and maintain your current roof. We can also install foam insulation or waterproofing in other parts of your home or business, such as your crawlspace or walkways. We provide free consultations and expert recommendations for your property. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and to get more information on budget planning and more. Start taking advantage of the benefits a Phoenix spray foam roof has to offer!

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