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6 Things You Didn’t Know about Walk Decks

Walk decks can transform the look of a backyard, a roof, or even the upper level of your home. They are a unique style of deck with a sleek, modern look that can create a beautiful outdoor profile. If you are feeling a bit uninspired by your outdoor space, it might be time to talk to a walk deck contractor about the perfect style for your space.

Not sure whether a walk deck is the right choice for you? Here are six things you didn’t know about walk decks that might change your mind:

6 things you didn't know about walk decks in Phoenix, AZ

They Aren’t Just Made of Wood

Walk decks can be made of wood, yes, but that’s not all. Though wood may be the first material you think of when you think of decks, these entertaining spaces can actually be made of plastic, concrete, or even spray foam. Since they are built flat, there is more variety for the type of material that can be used for them.

It is important that any material for a walk deck have traction though. You don’t want your family or guests to suffer a nasty fall when it gets rainy out. Therefore, you need to either pick a non-slip surface, or you need to invest in a non-skid coating for the walk deck.

You Can Put Them on Your Roof

If your home design will support it, you can add a walk deck to your roof, which gives you spectacular views and elevates your entertaining instantly. You can combine your rooftop walk deck with a small garden or other green spaces, and you can personalize the area by adding railings, seating, and more.

You’ll need to think through issues like water drainage and energy efficiency when you install a rooftop walk deck, so talk to your contractor about all the things you must consider.

They’re Great for Detached Decks

Most people think of a deck as extending from the back of their homes. You just walk out the backdoor, and you’re on the deck. It’s usually raised off the ground, and it has a railing and a cover. However, this isn’t the only design for a deck, and limiting yourself to this design really robs you of some fantastic options.

A detached deck can be placed anywhere in your backyard, and it can create a lovely sanctuary for quiet reflecting or intimate entertaining. You can even landscape around it to make the space more special. You aren’t limited to what other structures are around or the grade of the land.

A Variety of Options are Available for Railings

You don’t have to have a railing for a walk deck. They aren’t raised high off the ground like traditional decks, so there isn’t the safety issue of potential falls. However, a railing or wall can create a nice finishing touch that encloses the deck and improves the design.

You have a lot of variety for your railings. Not only can you choose whether or not to add one, but you can also choose from a variety of materials and designs. You can put a small fence around the deck, build a wooden privacy screen, or have a rustic rock wall created. The options you choose will determine the overall look of the space.

You Can Cover a Walk Deck

Walk decks are typically uncovered. It’s one of the things that sets them apart from traditional decks. But you may find that the Arizona sun has you wishing there was more cover in the middle of the summer. You can cover a walk deck, and you have a variety of options.

A pergola is a good choice for a walk deck since it can be left open, allowing in sun while still providing some shade. However, you can also install a sun shade and other coverings, depending on the intensity of the sun where the deck is installed and what kind of look you want to create.

They are Perfect for Outdoor Dining

A walk deck looks a bit like a floating platform in your yard. It has a regal look that is ideal for setting up an outdoor dining space. You can add a small picnic table or a formal dining table to seat 20, depending on how you want to use the space and what kind of look you hope to create. You can then add landscaping and other details that further enhance the ambience you want.

Take a look at your backyard. Is there a space that needs to be transformed? Consider adding a walk deck to improve the space and give you a lovely area to entertain or to enjoy some quiet, relaxation time by yourself or with your family. A walk deck contractor can walk you through the options and help you develop a design that will be perfect for your home.

First Class Foam can help you create a gorgeous walk deck for your Arizona home, either in your yard or on your roof. We can even install walk decks as an extension of your home. Our foam roofing contractors are expert in walk deck installations, and they can help you understand how to enhance the unique characteristics of your home. Spray foam is ideal for walk decks since it is resistant to water damage, is energy-efficient, and is non-slip. Call us today to talk to a foam roofing contractor about your walk deck plans.

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