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Commercial Flat Roofs and the Benefits They Offer

Have you ever wondered if flat roofs are even worth it? The answer is yes, absolutely! Flat roofs definitely have some positive aspects that are worth considering when building either residentially or commercially. While there are is some flat Phoenix foam roofing scattered here and there throughout residential areas, flat roofing is typically seen mainly on larger commercial buildings. Phoenix commercial foam roofing has several advantages (and a few disadvantages) for any building, which we will discuss below.

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Low Cost

Many Phoenix foam roofers will tell you that one of the biggest advantages of a flat roof is the low cost of labor and inexpensive materials. While the materials used are still high-quality, durable, and made to last, their overall cost is fairly low especially compared to any the expense of shingles or tiles on a slanted roof. Additionally, labor costs on the initial installation are typically lower due to the fact that falls happen way less during the building process than during angled roof projects.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance costs also tend to be lower with flat roofs because they are so easy to work on and maneuver around. Because materials are cheaper, any necessary replacements will also be very affordable. Even cleaning the gutters will be a much simpler task due to the flat pitch of the Phoenix urethane foam roofing.

Multiple Uses

Flat roofs can serve more than the obvious purpose of covering your business. Any necessary outdoor appliances such as air conditioning, solar panels, or other machines can be stored right on top of the flat roof, off the ground and out of the way. The fun part is that an outdoor sitting area can also be created on your flat roof. Just add some lights for ambiance, comfy outdoor seats, and a canopy, and you are good to go!


Less Choices

Unlike a typical roof where you have the option of shingles, tiles, or metal materials, a flat roof only offers a couple material selections. The choices are usually only limited to foam, PVC, tar/gravel, or bitumen for your flat roof, and are just not very aesthetically appealing overall. While this really is not a hugely concerning factor for most commercial buildings, it may be a drawback for some and is worth considering.

Less Durability

Unfortunately, while the materials that go into a flat roof are inexpensive and easy to maintain, they also have a shorter lifespan. Typically a shingled roof can be expected to last for about 20-30 years, while the durability of a flat roof is only about half that. This creates the need for a Phoenix foam roof recoat approximately every 10-15 years.

Poor Drainage

One of the biggest drawbacks of a flat roof is their poor water drainage ability. While there are layers built into a flat roof specifically created for water drainage and evaporation, over time puddling and deterioration are inevitable. Ultimately, this will lead to cracks, leaks, and mold or mildew buildup. With any flat roof, it is important to perform regular inspections to avoid any of these problems.

As shown, flat roofs have several advantages and disadvantages (just like any other roof you may choose!). If you have questions about flat roofing and its materials, contact 1st Class Foam Roofing and Coating. We are an established roofing company servicing the Phoenix area and have experience in all types of flat roof services including installation, repairs, and more. The roofing team at 1st Class Foam Roofing and Coating would be happy to take a look at your commercial building and offer a free estimate for your project. Call us today at 602-722-0663 to speak with one of our experienced professionals!

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