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Common Foam Roof Myths Debunked

Common Foam Roof Scottsdale Myths Debunked

Common Foam Roof Myths Debunked

Our expert roofers have compiled a short list of the most common misconceptions in connection to foam roofing!
Scottsdale, Arizona

Spray Foam Roofing has been around for quite some time and yet there is still much confusion about what exactly SPF Roofing is, how it works and what it can and cannot do? To help ease the confusion about SPF, we have compiled a short list of the most common misconceptions in connection to SPF roofing.

Here are the top urban myths about modern polyurethane foam roofing:

Spray Foam Roofs are not durable:

Not true. In fact they are one of the most durable options out there. While many falsely believe that foam roofs are a rather new development, fact is that the first foam roofs are already over 50 years old, proving that not only is foam roofing not new, but it is very durable if maintained properly by your local SPF roofing contractor.

You cannot walk on a foam roof:

Scottsdale foam roofs can easily support the weight of a regular adult walking on a foam roof. It is certainly not advised to jump or bounce on a foam roof or to drop sharp objects, but a foam roof is not anywhere near as frail as people might think. Consider this: roofers do not hang suspended over the roof while working on it, but actually walk on it.

Birds will come in flocks to attack your foam roof:

Well-no! If your roof is properly maintained, meaning if your coating is intact and has no holes, birds will not come and attack your roof. However, this does not mean that they won’t take advantage of a hole in the roof coating to take some awesome insulating SPF for their own home. As always- the key is proper maintenance.

SPF is difficult to install:

This one is partially true. While it is certainly not advisable to hire a roofer that has only minimal experience in spray foam application, if you hire a roofing contractor that specializes in spray foam and its various application types, spray foam roofing applications are not too difficult at all. Does experience matter? For sure, but that is true with almost anything.

Foam Roofing can only be applied when the weather is right:

Kind of. You won’t want to install a foam roof during a downpour, high humidity or a hoboob, but that is true for any roof installation. Luckily Scottsdale foam roofing contractors rarely encounter bad weather and you can be certain that your roofer will only install your foam roof, when the conditions are right.

Foam Roofing is expensive:

Not really. While the initial cost may seem to be a bit higher than that of some other roofing solutions, for example, the savings it will bring you over its lifetime are tremendous. True when you look at a time frame of about 10-15 years, a foam roof is not going to appear cheaper than a traditional built up roof, but if you consider the fact that your foam roof can last you more than five decades, the numbers start adding up.

Foam roofs can be a great investment and through their insulating properties can reduce cooling cost by about 25%. That is some serious savings. And all you have to do is have your roofer perform regular maintenance checks and about every 15 years or so, apply some fresh elastomeric coating.

While some of those myths have derived from half truths, it is always important to look at the context. Foam roofs are a fantastic, durable and energy saving solution for homes and businesses in the Phoenix area. 1st class Foam Roofing can help you in determining if a foam roof is right for your home. Call us today to learn more about SPF roofs and our other services.

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