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Frequently Asked Questions About Foam Roofing

Q: What is Sprayed Foam Roofing?

what is sprayed foam roofing

A: Sprayed foam roofing (SFR) is pretty much self-explanatory. It’s a liquid that is sprayed onto your roofing surface with professional equipment. It expands to about 30 times from the original volume, then dries within a few moments. It’s a massive, solid layer that is attached to the roof. The SFR is material that protects the interior foundation of the roof. It doesn’t have gaps, crevices or seams, the perfect base that is waterproofing and energy saving. This roof material is lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about the roof capacity of sustaining SFR. Plus, it's durable. You can walk on a foam roof, that how durable, strong, and solid it becomes.

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Q: How Often Should I Get My Foam Roof Inspected?

how often should i get my spray foam roof inspected

A: We recommend to have your foam roof inspected at least twice a year, in the fall and spring. Arizona is hot state, for the most part. Having your foam roof inspected in the beginning of the fall will prepare the roof for the winter. Arizona winter is different, we get a lot of rain and monsoon weather. Foam roofs are very durable and it can sustain the Arizona winter weather, but it’s best to have it inspected. The second inspection, in the spring, is to find any damage that was done during the winter. It cheaper to have roof repairs and inspection, then installing a completely new roof.

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Q: What Are The Energy Benefits Of Spray Foam Roofing?

what are the energy benefits of spray foam roofing

A: Spray Foam Roofing has three energy benefits, better insulation, condensation prevention, and a sound investment. When the foam is sprayed as a liquid, it covers every gap and crack surrounding the roof. Once the liquid is a solid element, it will provide better coverage and insulation that will prevent your home from consuming more energy. Plus, by providing condensation protection, your roof run less risk from water damage and mold growth. SFR helps you to save money in the long run, because it estimated that it will last up to 100 year if properly maintain.

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Q: How Do I Maintain My Foam Roof?

how do i maintain my spray foam roof

A: There are three ways in maintaining your foam roof well, yearly expectation, keeping your roof clean, and re-coating it. Have a professional roofer inspect the condition of your roof, inside out. From there, the roofer will advise you what to do next. If it’s in well conditions, a thorough clean of the roof will do. Sweep off the debris and clean out the gutters, as well, along with re-coating of the foam. The foam might not be damage, but re-coating reduces the possibility from any damages from happening. If you or a roof inspector detect any disturbance on your foam roof, ask what the next step will be.

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Q: What Can Hurt My Foam Roof?

what can hurt my foam roof

A: One way to the foam roof can be damage is water. If the foam is not evenly applied or the roof’s slope is not long enough, a small pond will appear on your roof. That pond of water will cause leaks and water damages to the roof. That will weaken the quality and sustainability of the foam roof. Lacking of care and maintenance is another form of damaging a foam roof. If plants, algae or debris are on your roof, removes them immediately, don’t wait until it’s too late. Also the DIY roof projects can cause more harm. Have a professional roofer inspect and determine the degree of repairs needed. After that, have that professional fix the roof or if it’s a minor repair, then do it yourself. Alligatoring and blistering is bound to happen if the foam roof is not maintain very well. It’s important to have a roofer inspect and repair your roof regularly.

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Q: Are Spray Foam Roofs Protected Against The Arizona Heat?

are spray foam roofs protected against arizona

A: Spray foam roof are protected against the Arizona heat. SFR is like a sealant against the rain and is a barrier from the sun’s rays. The foam prevents your house from heating up your house and keeps it cool. The heat of Arizona is brutal. Every time one steps into the sun during the summer, it feels like walking into an oven! SFR prevents your home from turning in an oven. The foam might can damage from the Arizona heat if it’s not maintained properly. Which is why it’s essential to have yearly inspects.

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