Working on any size building from small to large we strive for the best product. 

Fresh Coat Of Elastomeric Coating 

Adding Spray foam to a metal roof can reduce the interior temperature by 10-20 degrees.  Another benefit of spray foam for metal roofs is that metal roofs have crimped panels, which leave tiny holes for water and air to enter/exit your building. When spray foam is applied, it makes your roof one continuous layer, which will cover these exposure areas.

Spraying over angled wood creating “Crickets” for proper drainage

Sealing leaks with Poly Urea on concrete can extend the life of and retain water once again. 

Spray foam is the ultimate insulation, providing an air barrier as well as an acoustical layer lowering outside noise. Like all spray foam, open-cell foam is sprayed as liquid and then expands 100 times its liquid volume into the foam. While the foam is in the liquid state it gets inside all of your hidden nooks and crannies, sealing off your cavity.

Working on a new commercial building with multiple A/C units, This takes time and communication to complete correctly. We pride ourselves in taking the time to get it done right the first time. 

We can also insulate any exterior A/C ducting, In Arizona this is a great idea for saving on the electric bill.

Because the spray foam is self-flashing, it is ideal for sealing the roof penetrations made by other trades when installing conduits, vents, and HVAC lines.

Since foam is something that can be sprayed, the foam will penetrate into the gaps and crevices to make a complete seal. As a result, any thermal leakage can be prevented since day one.

Here at 1st Class Foam we can use drones to survey the building. We can handle any buildings from 1 story and higher. This allows us to see detailed views and keep detailed progress photos.

Applying a Fresh Coat of Elastomeric Coating can extend your roofs life by 5-10 years at a time. Keeping up and maintaining your foam roof in Arizona is done by keeping the roof clear and recoating every 5-10 years. 

Newly built house receiving some coating and granules added to the walk deck for grip and protection. 

Before and After photos of a recent coating job we did. This was an older existing rolled roofing that we revived. This will give the roof a new lease on life and a 10 year no leak warranty.

Working on a commercial building and keeping track with the drone for documentation. This helps present the progress to the client in our weekly reports.

By Scarifying the roof applying more foam and elastomeric this roof has a new lease on life.

Another car wash done for our friend’s at Super Star Car Washes 

Working on some commercial buildings in chandler. 

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