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Maintaining Your Phoenix, Arizona Spray Foam Coating

Phoenix, AZ Spray Foam Roof Coating

Maintaining Your Phoenix, Arizona Spray Foam Coating

Though foam roofs require little maintenance, you do have to take care of a few basic tasks to make sure they have the long lifespan that you expect.
Phoenix, Arizona

Foam roofing can last 100 years or more, providing superior coverage for your home the whole time. You can recover the cost of your roof and then some in the energy costs you'll save.

Foam roofs also require very little maintenance. They are seamless and durable, and they don't suffer from common roof ailments such as broken tiles or cracked underlayment. Though they require little maintenance, you do have to take care of a few basic tasks to make sure they have the long lifespan that you expect.

Here are a few things you should do to maintain your Arizona foam roof coating:

Get a Yearly Inspection

Call a roofing company to have a professional inspect your Phoenix foam roof once a year. The roofer will inspect your roof for any damaged areas and will take a closer look at the coating to see if it needs to be redone.

Typically, a Phoenix commercial foam roof only needs to be re-sealed or re-coated once every five to 20 years. Yet the coating is what makes the roof so durable, and any weaknesses in the coating can lead to serious damage to the roof. It is important that you discover signs that your roof needs re-coating as early as possible, which is why a yearly inspection is recommended.

Keep the Roof Clean

Keep your spray foam roof coating in Phoenix, AZ clean to reduce damage.

The collection of debris and standing water can cause any roof to degrade faster, including a foam roof. Keep the roof clean by picking up debris like broken branches and leaves. Check for any standing water and dry it off. Then report the standing water to your roofer in case it is a sign that there is a weakness in the roof.

Hire a professional to pressure wash the roof ever so often to remove dirt and other debris that you can't remove yourself. Don't try to pressure wash the roof yourself or you risk damaging the coating and putting yourself in jeopardy.

Re-Coat on Schedule

Most roofing companies recommend that you re-coat your foam roof after the first five years, and then again every 20 years. You may have to re-coat more frequently if your roof is damaged, such as during the Phoenix monsoon season. You may also have to re-coat more frequently if you are not maintaining your roof, such as allowing debris and standing water to break down the seal on your roof. Consult with your roofing company on the best schedule for your roof.

First Class Foam Roofing and Coating provides complete foam roof services, including installing new roofs and applying foam roof coating. We serve residential and commercial clients throughout Arizona, and we have built a reputation for exceptional service and results. We are known as the go-to roofing company for foam roofing and coating, and we are ready to help you discover the benefits of this superior roofing choice. We'll also help you keep it maintained to ensure that your roof longs as long as it should. Call us today to learn more.

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