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Making the Case For and Against SPF Roofing

As with everything in life, Arizona Spray Foam Roofs have their drawbacks and their benefits. To help you decide if the pros outweigh the cons and to decide if SPF is the roofing solution for you, we have come up with a list of the most commonly cited negatives and the top positives that Arizona roofing contractors have shared with us.

Making the Case For and Against Spray Foam Roofing Cave Creek

Making the Case For and Against Spray Foam Roofing

Here are our top 4 of the pros and cons of spray foam roofing systems!
Cave Creek, Arizona



Your properly and professionally installed Arizona Spray Foam roof is seamless. What this means is that it is impenetrable for water, wind or pests and in addition will insulated your home like a boss.


Spray foam roofs have an amazing tensile strength. This means it can endure quite some stress before it breaks or shows signs of damage. In short, having a spray foam roof, means you have a very strong roof, better even than built up roof systems.

Stays Put:

Because of the layered application and the UV coating an Arizona foam roof is very resistant to high winds. The light weight of spray foam roofs also means it will not compromise the integrity of your building.

Lasts Forever:

Okay , maybe not forever, but if you have your roof installed by a specialized Cave Creek foam roofing company, you can be certain that your roof will stay strong for years to come. And with minimal maintenance needed to boot. All that is needed is an initial recoat after 5 years and then again after 20. Easy, right?



It takes a long time for a Cave Creek foam roofing expert to master the installation of spray foam. SPF roofs have to be applied with great precision, which already begins with preparing the right mixture of the foam that is to be sprayed. It is a very complicated and highly specialized system and your roofer should have very steady hands to ensure that the foam is distributed evenly on the roof and that there won't be any uneven spots for water to pool or dirt to accumulate.

Higher Potential of Roof Failure:

A careless or inexperienced roofer may apply too much or too little of the foam, and create foam that is too thick or too thin. All of which can lead to a weakened foam roof that will fail long before it should. Careless or cruddy application can be another reason why your foam roof isn't performing as it should, the same holds true for foam that is applied on an unprepped roof.

Can Be Difficult to Get Off:

Maybe not what you are thinking about when you are planning a foam roof installation, but maybe one day you want a different roof, are planning on selling your house or want to remove the foam for any other reason, but SPF can be a pain to get off that roof of yours.


And the last of the cons it that it is considerably more expensive that some other roofing solutions available today, which is exactly why the next points will discuss why despite all of the above a SPF roof is a great idea for any Arizona roof.

So what do we think? Despite the higher initial cost of a foam roof installation in Cave Creek, its longevity, seamless application and superior insulating properties make it a top contender for any Arizona roofing system. To learn more about spray foam roofing or roof recoats contact us today. 1st Class Foam Roofing & Coating is your top foam roofing contractor in the Phoenix area.

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