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Know What To Look For - Things that Negatively Affect
Your Phoenix Spray Foam Roof!

Spray Foam Roofs are a great solution for Phoenix homes. They deflect heat, reflect the hot summer son and insulate your home like no other roof can. While the initial cost may be a bit higher than that of other roof types, the energy and maintenance savings are so tremendous that it will make your spray foam roof well worth it.

Things that Negatively Affect Your Phoenix Spray Foam Roof!

Here Are The Top Things That Negatively Affect
Your Phoenix Spray Foam Roof!

Here are some of the most common troublemakers to be on the lookout for with your foam roof!
Phoenix, Arizona

As with any other roof type there are certain things that can impact the roof's function, longevity and health. Here are some of the most common troublemakers to be on the lookout for:

Ponding and Pooling Water

This is very typical for flat and foam roofs in Phoenix Arizona. If the foam has not been applied evenly or if the roof's slope is too little and water cannot drain of, you will end up with areas where water collects which then can cause.

Leaks and Water Damage

If water ponds on your roof due to improper application or clogged and broken drainage systems, the water will find another way and that often is into your home. If you see dark spots on walls or ceilings, you probably already have a leak. To prevent this have your foam roofing contractor perform regular Phoenix foam roof maintenance and repairs. This way small issues will be fixed as soon as possible and not turn into big and costly issues down the road.

Lack of Care and Maintenance

We are all busy. But take the time to check on your flat foam roof every so often to ensure that you have no surprise vegetation growing on your roof. Fungus and algae can grow almost anywhere and a flat roof is a great spot for them to call home. If you discover plants, algae or debris on your roof have them removed and your SPF roof evaluated to ensure it is still up to par.


These can happen during a Phoenix foam roof installation or later down the road after a hail storm or by a flock of birds pecking away on your Phoenix Arizona SPF roof. Sometimes unknowing homeowners even make the holes themselves with willy-nilly placed Christmas decorations.

DIY Repair Fails

A foam roof is a specialized roofing type and it is never a good idea to attempt to repair it on your own and oftentimes you will cause more damage than you end up fixing. For all your SPF roof repairs contact your PHX foam roofing company. It is better to spend the extra money on a contractor right away than having to call a roofer later and pay him even more to fix your “repairs”.

Alligatoring and Blistering

Both are common signs of a failing foam roof. Alligatoring is a sign of aging as your foam roof coating is starting to crack and as a result looks like the skin of an alligator. Blistering is often happening because moisture or are is trapped under the roof membrane. Blisters stretch the roof coating but won't shrink back. If you notice either, contact your local foam roofing contractor to evaluate your roof and to perform the needed repairs.

Even though like a foam roof may seem like a lot of work, most roofs (especially in Arizona's arid climate) never experience any of these issues. 1st Class Foam Roofing can assist you with all your roof maintenance needs and make sure your SPF roof will last for many, many years. Contact our foam roofing contractors PHX today to learn more about our roofing and coating services.

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