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Scottsdale Foam Roof Installations

By The Team At 1st Class Foam Roofing & Coating

Foam roofs are among the most popular roofing types in Scottsdale, especially for business owners. But you can't trust your foam roof installation to just anyone. You need to call the qualified experts in the field. You need to call First Class Foam Roofing and Coating.

Scottsdale Foam Roof Installations Arizona

For years, we have been proving to Scottsdale residents why we are the roofing company to call for all their spray foam roof needs.

Not sure whether foam roofing is right for you? Read on to learn more:

Benefits of Foam Roofing

Foam roof installations are so popular because they have so many advantages. Some of the many benefits include:

  • Long life span of 100 years or more with regular maintenance
  • Highly water-resistant
  • Resistant to the damaging effects of UV rays
  • Energy efficient

With foam roofing, you will save money, reduce the time you spend on maintenance, and make your property more energy-efficient, which will save you even more money on heating and cooling costs. Because of their excellent energy efficiency, foam roofs are also a very environmentally friendly choice for your property.

In order to reap those benefits, you will have to hire an experienced roofing contractor to properly install the roof. You'll also need to use the highest quality materials. Otherwise, the roof will break down more quickly or will fail, allowing in water or other damaging elements.

First Class Foam Roofing and Coating is the experienced roofing company you need to ensure that you get the best results for the best benefits.

Foam Roofing Repairs and Maintenance

Foam roofs are protected by a coating that keeps out water and harmful UV rays. The only real maintenance you need to perform on the roofs is to keep this coating intact.

You'll need to keep the roof clear of water and debris that can break down the coating, and you'll need to have the roof re-coated every three years or so.

We perform inspections and re-coating to keep your roof in top shape. If we find problems during our visit, we can perform the appropriate repairs. Some common problems with foam roofs include blistering, holes, and a detachment of the foam layer from the roof. Usually, these problems are the result of poor installation.

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If required, we also perform complete foam re-roofing to give your property the best protection available.

Exceptional Service and Proven Experience

At First Class Foam Roofing and Coating, we pride ourselves on providing the very best customer service. We aim to build long-term relationships with our clients by going above and beyond to exceed their expectations.

One way we do that is to hire only the most experienced roofing contractors. You can trust that whether you are hiring us for an inspection or for foam roof installation, you will get high-quality results.

We are the experts in foam roof installations and foam re-roofing. Call us today to get a free estimate in Scottsdale and to learn why we are the best in foam roofing.