Spray Foam Roofing Benefits

Foam Roof Insulation system

When the sun is beaming down on the top of your house, it only makes sense that the strongest insulation should be at the top. Using a high-density spray on top will block the heat and keep your house cool. Attic insulation is also crucial for colder days. With proper insulation at the roof, it will capture the heat that is rising up from your heater, and it won’t leak outside through cracks

SPF roofs provide an insulating barrier for low slope and flat roofs for residential and commercial buildings. SPF roofs can significantly reduce air leakage and heat transfer, saving energy otherwise used to heat and cool buildings and thus decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. SPF’s insulating properties make it one of the highest performers among roofing materials.

Additionally, “cool roofs” made with SPF reflect the sun’s energy which mitigates urban heat island effects and reduces building temperatures. Cool roofs help to minimize the effects of climate change because they reduce energy use and therefore certain emissions generated during energy production, and they decrease the heat trapped in the atmosphere by reflecting more sunlight back into space.

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