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Summer Foam Roof Renovations & Why It’s the Best Time

Is your roof in need of Phoenix roof renovations? Have you been looking for a Phoenix foam roofing contractor to finish your urethane foam renovation project? Summer is the time to do it! Continue reading to see why now is the best time to get your Phoenix roofing project checked off your to-do list.

Summer Foam Roof Renovations & Why It’s the Best Time in Arizona

Open Schedule

While summer is busier for many people, for some it can be more laid back with lots of down time. Taking advantage of that extra flexibility and getting your roofing project done is a good choice! Though you will not need to be available for every step of the process, especially if you are using a highly competent Phoenix roofing contractor, there will be aspects that need to be run by you as the homeowner. You may also have questions or concerns that arise along the way needing prompt attention, and with a more open schedule you can easily interact with your contractor and have those needs addressed. You can effortlessly check up on the renovation progress and keep track of how smoothly things are running.

The Market is Good

Perhaps putting your house on the market for sale is in your future plans. If you plan ahead well enough and get your Phoenix residential foam roof replaced in the early days of summer, you will still have time to put your house up for sale and likely get some quick offers. However, for many people the last days of the school year are exhausting between graduations, planning summer activities, and simply enjoying the warmer weather. If this is you, schedule your roof renovation before the end of summer arrives and then plan to sell your house the following spring. This will allow time for the renovation project to be fully completed with no time crunch, and leave some wiggle room for any other modifications necessary before selling.

Lower Energy Bills

We all know how high the summer temperatures climb in Phoenix, increasing the need for air conditioning and thus driving up electricity bills. With a polyurethane foam roof from 1st Class Foam Roofing & Coating, your energy costs will soon start to decrease due to the insulative nature of the material. The foam will keep cooler air in and hot air out. Though you may be cringing at the expense of a new roof renovation, remember that it will pay off and ultimately benefit you in the long run.

Vacation Time

Sometimes the noise of a roof renovation is just too much to handle, especially for the very young and the elderly who may be living inside the home. If this is true in your case, consider taking a mini vacation while the project is happening. Summer is the best time for vacations due to no school requirements and warmer temperatures all around. Call your neighbor or a close friend to make sure they are available to communicate with the roofing experts team if needed, and then go relax on your quick vacation while looking forward to arriving home to a new roof.

Overall, summer is the best time to get your foam roof renovation project accomplished. 1st Class Foam Roofing & Coating can help you make a plan and get scheduled! We have a licensed and insured team of experts with many years of service under their belt, and will be certain to get the job done well. We are always available to answer any questions and strive to involve you in the process as much as you would like to be. Let us help you get a new roof checked off your list!

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